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Fast, lightweight, cost-effective IT solutions for small businesses

We work with you to improve your systems, accelerate your workflows and make your information readily available, without requiring a major investment in new software.

Our customers are small service-oriented businesses for whom information is critical. Many use Microsoft Office® and just one or two specialized applications such as Microsoft Dynamics®, Goldmine® or QuickBooks® to run their businesses. Although this approach works well and can be cost-effective, it often results in inefficient workflows.

So we help our customers improve their workflows by reconfiguring their existing software to make best use of it, and by developing targeted mini-applications, such as smart data entry forms, that fill in any workflow gaps quickly and cost-effectively.   more...

We have provided IT and workflow solutions to a wide variety of businesses for more than 20 years. We have excellent references and testimonials.   more...

The cost of entry is low; the rewards are high. Give us a call today and let's talk about what we could do for you.

"Mark and Tony took the time to really understand our process... Any slight change request was always met with a positive response and was done quickly... We are looking forward to what a time saver this is going to be!"

Facilities Manager, Maxons Restorations

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Small business workflows: the problems, our solutions